Successful commissioning and test voyage of the MCS Bolero

Last weekend we concluded the successful commissioning and test voyage of the MCS Bolero. The vessel underwent a reengining, changing her old CAT 3512B engines for new CAT 3512C ones. The engines and reversing gears clocked an impressive 108.000 hours running time, a testimony to the quality of the original installation.

ADS van STIGT replaced the old ZF BW416 reversing gears with new ZF W5355 units. A significant advantage was that the new reversing gears could be exchanged on a 1:1 basis against the old ones, reducing the amount of the work required significantly. Therefore we were able to finish the work in the shortest possible time. The customer opted for fitting new units, but overhauling the existing units or fitting reconditioned (Recon) ones would also have been a possibility.

ZFW5355 voor de MCS Bolero

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