Brand-new chemicals tankship

We are in Italian spheres: the Mts Botticelli is a brand-new chemicals tankship measuring 110 metres long, with a beam of 11,45 metres. The ship is owned by GEFO, and as with many other GFO ships it is named after a painter. This time after the Italian renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. Excellent!

We had the pleasure to supply a Masson W2700 reversing gear. The reversing gear is mounted behind the CAT 3512 main engine (1118 kW @ 1600 rpm), and has a 4,925:1 gear ratio. The reversing gear is fitted with Cat adaptations for pressure and temperature sensors that enable the CAT-system to display the relevant values.

The hull was designed, built and supplied by RensenDriessen Shipbuilding, while the fitting out was handled by Dolderman.

We want to than GFO for their confidence, and wish the Mts Botticelli and all who sail on her a safe voyage. Also we want to thank Dolderman for this order and the pleasant cooperation.