Motor tanker equipped with Masson gearboxes

In recent weeks the operational trials have taken place of the motor tank vessel RICH, a Sunrise XL inland navigation vessel built by Groningen Shipyard. Our colleague service engineer Nick Stam was present on site for final adjustment and commissioning of both reverse gears. The vessel operates under Dutch flag, and is owned by Richard Klingenstijn, with Rederij Jaegers acting as cargo agent.

Motor supplier Koedood Marine Group placed the order for the two Masson reverse gear units with us, which are an ideal match for the 125 x 11,45 meter vessel.

The Masson W5200 units are installed behind Mitsubishi engines, and have a 4,345:1 reduction ratio. The maximum transmittable power for each unit is 978kW @ 1600 RPM.

Connection to the Mitsubishi engines is executed with Vulkardan F flexible couplings, which have a remarkably short installation length.

One of the reverse gear units is fitted with a PTO that drives the steering pump.

Both reverse gear units are fitted with pressure and temperature alarm switches and a tow lubrication pump to ensure sufficient lubrication during single engine operation.

On behalf of the ADS van Stigt team we wish to express our gratitude for this valued order, but even more so for the very pleasant cooperation.

We wish the owner and the crew many safe and happy voyages.