10 planetary gearboxes for a sailing yacht

The Royal Huisman Yard subsidiary Rondal is a specialist company for composite yacht components.

We gratefully received an order from Rondal for a magnificent project.

The project concerns an aluminium 60 metre high performance sailing yacht with a carbon fibre reinforced superstructure. This super light material is also used in the construction of the winches used to raise and control the sails. The winches, 10 in total, are split up in 4 different designs, depending on their duty, and are each driven by a single electric motor.

ADS van STIGT supplies the 10 gearboxes required, which are also of 4 different designs to suit the different winch designs.

“We selected and optimised four different types of O&K gearbox. These gearboxes are both lightweight and compact. Not only that, they are also quiet and have a competitive price/quality ratio. Four elements that make these gearboxes an excellent choice for this application”, according to  Jordi, the ADS van STIGT project engineer on this job. O&K gearboxes are produced in Germany and are synonymous for high built quality and reliability.

The delivery of the gearboxes has already taken place in august 2020. It is expected the vessel, of which only a rough indicative sketch has been disclosed,  will be ready in 2022.

Sailing yacht project drawing for the company Rondal