Hybrid drives


‘Hybrid’ appears to be the key word for the future. Hybrid would ensure emission reduction and fuel economy.

Of course, it is not as simple as all that, and we, as ADS van STIGT have looked into the question diligently. Together with our partners – ZF Marine, Hybrid Ship Propulsion, Masson Marine – we have studied the requirements of the market and the possible technical solutions here, and have elaborated four possible solutions. All our solutions are based upon reliable and proven technology. A hybrid propulsion’s success depends entirely on a balanced power distribution, which can only be determined by way of a realistic sailing profile. At present, we have more than ten installations either in operation or almost in operation. We would gladly be your partner in your considerations how to make your propulsion future proof.

Our solutions are:

ZF 5300 hybrid propulsion transmissions with Power Take In (PTI)


Through an extra input on our reverse reduction gearbox one is able to add a second electromotor.

MM RSY 281, Masson-Marine twin input gearbox

Two in one out - parallel to each other

By way of the Masson RSY reverse reduction gearbox, we are able to connect two (diesel) engines to one propeller shaft.

MM W7350, Masson-Marine workboat Gearboxes with Power Take In (PTI)


By way of an extra input on our reverse reduction gearbox and a so-called ‘third clutch’ in the in-going shaft, one is able to add a second diesel engine.

ZF W5355, Inline hybrid Baumuller


Achter de Masson of ZF keerkoppeling wordt een Baumüller elektromotor in de schroefaslijn opgenomen. Per situatie kunnen wij een passend voorstel voor u uitwerken inclusief de elektromotor en haar frequentieregelaar.