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ZF Marine Krimpen is a company with more than 35 years experience in building azimuth propulsion units. Over the years, the company has designed, produced and commissioned various models of thrusters, for a multitude of applications around the world. This brought ZF Marine Krimpen the reputation of a reliable and renowned thruster supplier; counter rotating, shallow draught, dekmounted or in a tunnel. Strong in DP solutions All ZF marine thruster systems are developed, designed, and produced in-house, built under the umbrella of constant quality control which guarantees the reliability of the product.

Your sailing profile and specific wishes are the starting point for our total solutions in the field of rudder propellers, bow thrusters and transmissions.

ZF Contra Rotation Azimuth Thrusters

ZF Retractable Azimuth Thrusters

ZF Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters