ADS van STIGT, Driveline Specialist

Celebrating 50 years of experience!

The company is founded in 1970, with the main activity of selling transmissions and gearboxes for maritime and industrial applications.

Overview products 

Now, over 50 years later , this is still the main source of our existence , but we have a significant number of other products in our range, such as planetary gearboxes, pumpdrives , controlsystems and sensors.

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Special gearboxes

With Katsa as a partner, ADS from STIGT can always supply perfectly fitting special gearboxes.

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Expert and fast assistance Service is what has made us great. So, for all the products we supply, we also offer support.

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Measuring and control systems

Measuring and control systems consist of, among other things, tachometers, speed sensors, temperature probes and pressure transmit.

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Control systems

Electronic Control systems, partly American, partly European, are an important addition to the gearbox programme of ADS van STIGT.

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Pump drives

Among other things, the North-American company Durst, part of Regal-Beloit, supplies pump distribution boxes or pump drive. 

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Reverse reduction and clutchable reduction gearboxes

Our reverse reduction and clutchable gearbox programme is very wide in a power range from10 to 14000 kW with 0.8:1 to 14:1.

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Planetaire tandwielkasten

O&K Antriebstechnik richt zich op de ontwikkeling, productie en verkoop van planetaire tandwielkasten. Deze tandwielkasten.

Dempers en elastische koppelingen icoon

Dampers and elastic couplings

For the supply of torsional dampers and elastic torsional couplings for diesel engines, we have entered into a cooperation with Geislinger.

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ZF Thrusters

ZF Thrusters, rudder propellers, bow and stern thrusters of high quality.

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Hybrid drives

‘Hybrid’ appears to be the key word for the future. Hybrid would ensure emission reduction and fuel economy.

Verstelbare schroeven icoon

Controllable pitch propellers

As to controllable pitch propellers (CPPs), we have a lot of experience in the field of servicing, notably the former ZF and the R.

Clutches icoon


We supply the entire line of hydraulically or pneumatically operated multi disc clutches and brakes of the Logan brand. 

Latest news

ZF reversing gears for De Klerk crane ships

Eind 2022 hebben wij aan Vink diesel bv in Sliedrecht twee keerkoppelingen mogen leveren. Deze zijn geplaatst in kraanschip ‘Biesbosch’ van De Klerk Werkendam, dat bij Vink Diesel gehermotoriseerd werd.Begin dit jaar is de Biesbosch weer in de vaart gekomen. Omdat zowel de werf als de klant zeer tevreden zijn, hebben wij recent van Vink diesel opnieuw een opdracht ontvangen voor de levering van twee ZF W350 keerkoppelingen. Ook deze order

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Why ADS van Stigt?

Specialisten van ADS van STIGT

The extensive team of specialists , both at the production plants as well as within the ADS van STIGT organization stands ready to translate customer needs into concrete and useful proposals.

Geschiedenis ADS van STIGT

In the nearly half century of its existence ADS van STIGT has established itself from a factory dependent representation into an independently operating sales and service organization.

Contracten en afspraken met ADS van STIGT

A short construction period is financially attractive and gives the customer greater flexibility making it possible to better respond to changing market conditions and new developments.