The largest aluminium sailing yacht ever built

Isn’t she lovely! the largest aluminium sailing yacht ever built, the Sea Eagle II. A three-masted schooner stretching a full 81 metres. Built by the Royal Huisman Yard and designed by Dykstra Naval Architects in cooperation with Mark Whiteley Design

Pon Power placed an order with us for a ZF 3350 selectable gearbox with a reduction of 5:1, and a Katsa extender gearbox with 3 PTO’s.

Thanks to the Katsa PTO gearbox it is possible to realise a very compact installation. The hydraulic pumps can now be located right above the reverser gear taking next to no extra space.

These PTO gearboxes are available in  a number of ratio’s and power capacities, which makes them universally applicable.

Pon Power built the complete installation to an order from the yard, complete with a CAT C32 motor and hydraulic pumps.

The motor is not only the main propulsion engine, but is also the driving force behind the hydraulic power used to support handling the sails and to power other hydraulic systems.

We are very proud to contribute to this magnificent project, with many thanks to Pon Power and the Royal Huisman Yard!

View the beautiful ship on the Royal Huisman website here:

Katsa doorbouwkast voor de Sea Eagle II