History ADS van STIGT


In almost half a century ADS van STIGT has grown into a strong Sales and Service organisation which has developed from representative of foreign manufacturing companies to an independent importer, distributor and maintenance expert. ADS van STIGT is a supplier of propulsion systems and electronic control-and monitoring systems for fishery vessels, river vessels, yachts and seagoing vessels.

ADS van STIGT became the A-specialist for reverse reduction gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, clutch reduction and conventional gearboxes, controllable pitch propellers, flexible couplings and electronic control and monitoring systems. As complete propulsion packages can be supplied, system responsibility will be accepted by the company.

In short, ADS van STIGT is the name of a nationally and internationally operating company which offers maritime knowledge, an extensive state of the art programme and a large warehouse with thousands of final products and parts, supported by efficiently equipped workshops and a 24/7 service organisation. Together they are guarantying an optimal care for each product once it has started its long operating life after it has been put into service.

ADS van STIGT performance beyond the line of duty!