First Katsa gearboxes for Holland Schipyards Group

Earlier this year ADS van STIGT received an order from Holland Shipyards Group to supply five Katsa 2L550 reducer gears. Three gearboxes are intended for new coasters under construction for Hartel Shipping & Chartering BV, while the remaining two gearboxes will be installed in short-sea vessels for De Bock Maritiem BV.

The engineering and production are in full swing, and the first of the five gearboxes to be delivered will soon be subjected to dynamic testing at the factory. Delivery to the Holland Shipyards Group is planned for Q1 of 2024 after which the gearbox will be fitted in the “Maasvliet”, the first of the three Hartel diesel-electric coasters to be delivered.

The Katsa 2L550 reducer gear box is specifically suitable for electrical ship propulsion systems. Shipbuilders and shipowners can get the most out of high revving/low torque electric motors and also have the option to choose between a standard or a smaller than standard size electric motor. Thanks to the possibility to fit two electric motors to each gearbox, a redundant drive system is possible. The 2L550 integrated lubrication system ensures a reliable and prolonged lifetime even in demanding maritime applications.

Katsa reductiekast type 2L550
Blauwe Katsa reductiekast

The Katsa 2L550 gearbox is the perfect component for the frequency controlled diesel electric drive system, helping to realize an up to 35% fuel saving potential for the owners while providing a similar reduction in emissions.