Dolderman grants large to ADS van STIGT

Dolderman B.V. of Dordrecht recently granted a large order for 27 Masson Marine reversing gears to ADS van STIGT. This order underlines the excellent cooperation between both companies, not only for new vessels, but also for re-engining projects. On the Europort 2023 the order was ratified by Dirk-Jan Bezemer of Dolderman and Fred Duel of ADS van STIGT, in the presence of Masson Marine MD Anne Loir.

“We are extremely happy that Dolderman again decided to ask us to support them realising their new builds and retrofit projects”” says ADS Van STIGT’s key account manager Fred Duel.

“The choice for Masson and ADS van STIGT is based on the many decades close cooperation we have with them. But the good price/performance balance, delivery time and the excellent service they provide also play an important role” adds Dirk-Jan Bezemer of Dolderman. “The Masson gearbox range not only perfectly matches the CAT motor range we use in our projects, but also provides a 1:1 fit to the gearbox mounting points in the hull, making hull modifications unnecessary.

The gearboxes are to be fitted into twin propeller vessels, and the order concerns four different types of reversing gear each with different gear ratios. Below the different types of gearbox:

  • Masson W3100
  • Masson W4250
  • Masson W4400
  • Masson W17000

The first deliveries are planned for Q1 2024, the last for 2025.

Dolderman BV