Government/Patrol solutions

Government / Patrol

For patrol vessels an extensive range of reversing gears is available. Available in parallel, offset, angled or in U or V drive execution. The ZF marine reversing gears are the top of the bill regarding weight, compact construction and noise levels. Next to the gears themselves we supply control systems based on the ZF Marine Electronics processors and handles, but also ZF Thrusters, Plöger sensors and Geislinger carbon fibre shafts and  elastic couplings. All our products are future orientated, and consequently many types of hybrid solutions are available, by means of a PTI on the reversing gear, or by means of a Katsa sandwich gear on ZF thrusters.

ZF Marine

ZF 24300 SG Power Take In (PTI) Transmissions

ZF M Electronics

MiniCommand 4200 | ZF hendel

ZF Mathers

Marine Engine Control System - ZF Marine Mathers


Plöger temperatuur sensoren met type approvals

ZF Thruster

ZF Contra Rotation Azimuth Thrusters


Geislinger Gesilco® Shaft


L350-serie a, Hybride PTO Oplossing - Katsa