Warehouse ADS van STIGT


The ADS van STIGT location in Gorinchem covers over 1300 square meters for offices and workshops and about 1700 square meters of warehouse facilities. The warehouses keep an average stock of around 250 gearboxes for yacht and pleasure craft and more than 100 gearboxes for river vessels, coasters and fishery vessels.

The technical departments “new build” and “rebuild” are making use of the warehouse stock which comprises an average of approx. 7000 items. The amount of units and parts can be called unique within the European distribution network. This stock results into regular shipments to marine transmission colleagues all over the world.

It is obvious that, exceptions excluded, the warehouse stock is based on standard products and options ADS van STIGT supplied to her customers over the years.

Often, if required, it is even possible to supply parts of products of which production has come to an end a long time ago. In case of unavailability suitable alternatives may be offered.