Sea trial Mts Mallorca

Already in a holiday mood? Mts Mallorca, property of Marbia Shipping, undoubtedly takes your thoughts towards south European holiday destinations, just like the names of the other vessels in the Marbia fleet. The Mallorca is a handsome and generously dimensioned tanker measuring 135 metres by 17,6 metres.

For the Mallorca we have supplied two Masson W7200 reversing gears. The gears are mounted behind both CAT 3512 propulsion engines (1118 kW @ 1600 rpm), and have a reduction ratio of approximately 5:1. The reversing gears are fitted with sensors to enable data read out on the Cat-system.

Both reversing gears are executed with a PTO drive to power a steering gear hydraulic pump, and a towing lubricating pump to ensure proper lubrication of the reversing gear during single engine operation or down river voyages.

The hull has been designed, built and supplied by RensenDriessen Shipbuilding. While the fitting out was taken care of by the TeamCo Shipyard in Heusden.

We thank the Braeckman family for the trust they placed in us, and wish the crew many happy voyages. We also want to thank Pon Power for the order and the pleasant cooperation.

Masson W7200 gearboxes for the Mts Mallorca