Curious who is on the other end of the phone?

With great pleasure we present Stan Keulers, project engineer at the Industry & Offshore department.

Hi Stan,

Which tasks do you perform for our customers?

As a project engineer I am responsible for the calculations related to offers and enquiries, and manage the internal and external projects. Customers can contact me for almost anything, enquiries, current orders or even some loose shoptalk.

Our department is relatively small, so sometimes I pick up tasks that are not part of my job description, but that makes it all the more interesting.

What gives you the most pleasure in this job?

Prime advantage of my job is that it is very diverse. One time you are processing a quotation, next time you are involved in making calculations, and before you know, you are lending a hand in the workshop. This informal way of doing things makes for a closely knit team, and gives lots of pleasure.

There is more than just work to life, how is your personal situation

I am married, and have a small son, that turned 1 year old recently. In my spare time I can be found on or near the football pitch. I am the competition secretary for my local football club in Dongen, and I also like to take part in the game myself. Besides football, I am involved in a number of voluntary activities in my town. Voluntary work is the lifeblood of a community, and it is important to do something for other people. 

One last question, what would you like to say to everyone with the year’s end nearing rapidly?

It was a tumultative year, but I hope everyone can see something positive in it too. I am looking forward to making 2021 a very successful and nice year. Needless to say I wish everyone merry and safe Holidays, and a very healthy 2021.