Gearboxes for Barkmeijer Shipyards

Monday the twenty-fifth of January two Masson Marine W4400 NC gearboxes for the Barkmeijer Yard have been commissioned, and the subsequent sea trials concluded successfully.  These fixed ratio gearboxes are installed on an electrically driven pusher tug.

With thanks to our colleague Tom for the nice pictures.

The complete project concerns six gearboxes for three ships. This type of Masson Marine reducer gear is eminently suitable for electrically propelled vessels, due to, amongst other features, the integral thrust bearing.  The selected gear ratio makes up for the lower torque values of the highspeed electric motor used, but without sacrificing the dimensional advantages of fitting such a motor. The W4400 NC is a new type of gearbox, but is heavily based on the standard design reverse gear, resulting in a very high parts commonality and proven reliability.


- 2x MM W4400 NC
- Gear ratio: 4,448:1
- Maximum permissible power: 972 kW @ 1.800 rpm

Masson Marine MM W4400 NC gearbox for pusher from Barkmeijer Shipyards