Beautiful steps towards sustainability!

We have had the privilege of providing both the motor cargo ships Bremanger and Viento with new Masson reversing gears with a TOP PTO. The owner of these ships has a goal in mind when it comes to energy and fuel consumption: to sail as sustainably and efficiently as possible.

With this TOP PTO, you can save about 10 to 15 liters of fuel per hour. These ships run about 18 hours a day, which means they will save as much as 56,000 to 60,000 liters of fuel per year!

With an investment in a TOP PTO (type 1) and the electric package, you reach the break-even point in just over two years. Depending on the sailing profile, the payback period is two to three years.

An additional advantage is that the (separate) generator set runs significantly less, reducing the risk of malfunctions. Furthermore, less maintenance is required.

The TOP PTO can also be retrofitted on the Masson mid-series reversing gears. Thanks to the above results, we have recently been able to supply reversing gears in this combination for the existing barges Ventum and Karel Doorman. We are of course very proud of this!

We wish the owners and crews of these ships a safe voyage and thank them for their trust and pleasant cooperation!

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