Contract signing Vink diesel for mts Nesselande

This week our colleague Fred Duel together with Sander Langenberg, Director of Vink Diesel, has signed a contract for the supply of a Masson MM W2800Y (previously RSY 281) reversing gear. It concerns a special twin-input single output version for the MTS Nesselande.

Vink Diesel will take care of the installation, which is planned for the end of this year. The MTS Nesselande measures 86 x 9 metres, and has a 1400 tonne load capacity.

Two DAF MX13 Euro 6 / stage V engines deliver 390 kW @ 1675 rpm each. By the use of a twin-input single output reversing gear a combined 780 kW is available on the propeller shaft.

“The modular use of multiple small diesel engines will yield substantial advantages regarding fuel consumption, emissions, maintenance costs and availability” says Fred. “Partial load, with the resulting fuel inefficiency, can be prevented by switching off the “superfluous” engines. Due to the then increased specific engine load the emission per generated kW is extremely low, and per service interval more useable power is generated.

The reversing gear will also be fitted PTO driven hydro pumps to power the steering gear.

We thank the Junger family and Vink Diesel for their confidence!


Contract ondertekening Vink diesel voor mts Nesselande