Meeting the stage V emission standards

How to meet the stage V emission standards in the most efficient manner possible?

Sooner or later the requirements of stage V regulations will have to be met. Earlier we have mentioned the Masson W2800Y, twin input single output gearbox. Did you know that it is possible to apply for energy investment benefits using this gearbox in combination with a stage V compliant engine?


--- What does that mean?

Under the precondition the motors are stage V compliant, the use of this specific reversing gear makes it possible to apply for an extra Energy Investment Allowance. The Dutch Government has drawn up specific guidelines for this extra financial stimulation. The net savings can be as high as 20% of the total investment for the motor-reversing gear combination.


--- What makes the Masson gearbox so special?

Thanks to the twin input single output two diesel engines can be combined to drive 1 propeller shaft.

Primary advantage of this setup is that instead of one large engine running at sub efficient settings most of the time, two smaller engines are used that enable single engine optimum  efficiency operation most of the time with the second engine coming in when the extra power is required.

The result is a substantial reduction in fuel consumption and significantly reduces maintenance costs.


--- More engines means more space I hear you thinking?

The opposite is true. Because the engines and reversing gear are smaller and can be placed closely next to each other in many cases the installation will in fact be more compact.

View the regulations of the Rijksdienst here:

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