Introduction Masson EM311 for electric ship propulsion

On the EUROPORT 2023 ADS van STIGT and Masson Innovative Propulsion introduce the EM311 gearbox, specifically developed for electric ship propulsion systems. This new gearbox will be available in 9 different gear ratios and is suitable for engines up to 684 kW. Thanks to its robust design the EM311 is eminently suitable for workboat, barge and dredger applications.

The development of the E-series gearboxes is based on existing Masson reversing gear technology, resulting in a high component commonality and proven reliability. Using less components than usual, the EM311 combines low weight with high efficiency and easy maintenance, resulting in significantly reduced costs for the owner and a longer lifetime.

For over 50 years ADS van STIGT is the official Masson Marine representative in the Benelux. Next to conventional ships propulsion systems both companies have been cooperating for many years in the development of hybrid and electrical drive systems. As an illustration, the first ADS van STIGT initiated hybrid drive was developed and supplied by Masson now 13 years ago.

Katsa reduction gearbox type 2L550