The Mts Monteverdi ready to transport fuels

After a successful trial voyage last week, the Mts Monteverdi has been handed over to its owners. The 110 metre long  Type C tanker was built by the Veka Group, and the 14 tanks aboard have a combined capacity of 5.300 m3. The intended cargo is liquid fuel.

The Mts Monteverdi will be operated primarily between Rotterdam and Antwerp and along the Belgian coast. The first commercial journey this week will be between Antwerp and Flushing. Since the area of operation also includes open sea, the vessel needs to be stronger than the average inland tanker. A fully steel wheelhouse, a raised bow and deck are some of the required properties for this type of operation.

For Mts Monteverdi we have supplied two Masson W5200 reversing gears with a ratio of 5,458:1. These are fitted to the Mitsubishi main engines, and can each handle 978kW @ 1600 rpm. The reversing gears are both fitted with a type 0 PTO, to drive the steering gear hydraulic pumps.

We want to thank the owners for this much valued order, and wish the Mts Monteverdi and all who sail on her many happy voyages.

Stuurkamer van de Mts Monteverdi