Delivery planetary gearboxes for Kraaijeveld Winches

We are proud to supply Machine- en Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld with a Bonfiglioli 318L4 with a gear ratio of 337:1. This planetary gearbox is prepared for mounting a SAI GM2 250 radial piston hydraulic motor. The drive will power an intermediate winch that is used to lower and raise the suction tube.

We also supplied an O&K FW130 gearbox with an 206:1 ratio for the draghead winch. The O&K gearbox is mated to a Parker F12-090 hydraulic motor.

The order for Kraaijeveld gearboxes was given by Dredging Marine Offshore Equipment (DMOE). Kraaijeveld supplies the suction tube winches as part of package that DMOE supplies  for project specific refit to convert a split hopper barge* into a trailing suction hopper dredger**. The end-user is an American hydraulic engineering contractor.

Altogether a nice piece of cooperation between DMOE, Machine- en Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld and ADS van STIGT!


*Split hopper barge: A vessel that is used in the dredging world to transport and deposit earth, sand, stone or rock on the (underwater) building site by means of temporarily splitting the vessel over its longitudinal axis.

** Trailing suction hopper dredger: A vessel that by means of powerful pumps sucks up sand, clay, silt or even gravel from the sea or a canal bed. The solid material that is sucked up is stored inside the vessel (the hopper) while the water in which the solid material was suspended is drained over the side of the vessel.