The successful test voyage of pusher tug “Daan” is a fact!

With, amongst other modifications, the installation of three MM W 18000 C in line reversing gears, and an ADS van STIGT propulsion and control system the vessel has been thoroughly optimised.

The vessel was also reengined with three Mitsubishi main engines delivering 1040 kW @ 930 RPM each. The two outer 3,461:1 ratio MM reversing gears are fitted with an SAE-C PTO coupling to drive the two steering pumps. The centre reversing gear has a large PTO coupling fitted to drive a shaft generator. This means that while underway electrical power is generated without running the genset. Normally the genset would be in continuous operation, but now only in no-shore power mooring situations.   The control system is developed on the basis of the ZF ClearCommand and ZF MC2000 control levers, and provides the ultimate traveling comfort.

In 2017 the Werkendam (the Netherlands) based Ruijven B.V. shipping company added two existing pusher tugs to her fleet. The 1977 built “Veerle” and the “Daan” from 1983.

The company is not only extending her fleet, but is also making her fleet “greener”.

Primary target is to reduce the fleet fuel consumption and the resulting  reduction of the companies CO2 footprint. To achieve this the rear section of the vessels was closely studied, and the optimisation possibilities listed with the above modifications as a result.

Last Saturday the pusher tug was returned to her regular service between Rotterdam and Duisburg. We wish the “Daan” and her crew a safe voyage.