Rob van der Leur about the products of Geislinger

In this product news an interview with colleague Rob van der Leur about his experiences with Geislinger products. Together with Fred Hartman, Rob is responsible for the supply of spare parts within the ADS organization. Geislinger is a product group in which he sees a real additional programme value, and his ambition is to extend the activities regarding this supplier.

What are we to talk about?

About Geislinger, a really beautiful brand.

What sort of products are we talking then?

The Geislinger product programme is very diverse, and ranges from torsion vibration dampers, couplings and shafts to monitoring equipment.

What is the main application field for these products?

The main application field is large diesel engines, where Geislinger products are used to isolate motor vibrations, and to transmit the motor torque.

What are the advantages of Geislinger products?

Many! The products are extensively developed, and use beautiful new technologies. Advantages are a very high degree of dampening, variable stiffness and an impressive durability. The products are impervious to heat and grease, thanks to the very high quality materials used in their construction.

What is your personal highlight with this manufacturer?

For me Geislinger a wonderful company that manufactures excellent products. The “Geislinger way” of doing things is a super organized one. From start to finish quality standards are very high, and it shows at all levels. Be it materials, documentation or support, their quality is second to none.

What about stocks and delivery time?

In the current Covid-19 times, we see delivery times increasing with many of our suppliers. Until now, business is “as usual” with  Geislinger. Apart from that, we seriously invest in keeping a substantial Geislinger stock based on historical data. This is an enormous advantage, since it enables us to offer very short delivery times for most Geislinger products.

More information?

T. +31(0)183 65 00 00