MTS Matthinge has successfully concluded her trial voyage

This 135 metres long motor tanker was built on the basis of the Moneymaker 3.0 design by RensenDriessen. ADS van STIGT was selected to supply two Masson W4400 reversing gears.

The reversing gears are mounted behind the CAT C32 propulsion engines, and have a 5,077:1 reduction ratio. The maximum permissible power is 972 kW @1800 rpm.

Both reversing gears have PTO’s, fitted with hydraulic pumps for the steering gear. Also a towing lubrication pump was added to enable single engine operation. Both gears are fitted with CAT adaptations for mounting pressure and temperature sensors to provide data that will be displayed in the Caterpillar system.

The vessel was  completed by the Asto Shipyard. MTS Matthinge is owned by Wemmenhove family, and the fourth vessel carrying this name. The vessel will stand out in the crowd by virtue of the completely black wheelhouse and her yellow handrails.

On behalf of ADS van STIGT team many thanks for the order, but above all for the very pleasant cooperation. We wish the Wemmenhove family and the crew many happy voyages.

Masson W4400 in MTS Matthinge