Successful sea trials mts Nesselande!

Mid-february we concluded the successful trial voyage with the MTS “Nesselande”!

The vessel is equipped with a special Masson twin-input single output reversing gear that we supplied to Vink diesel B.V. After some TVC* challenges, and with the use of Stromag elastic couplings the desired result was achieved.

MTS “Nesselande” will be primarily employed on a regular route from Sluiskil (Zeeland) to Hamm (Germany). On the upstream leg of the journey to Hamm, both engines are used, in the canal and on the downstream leg to Sluiskil a single engine is used. On this vessel the power of two DAF MX13-390 Euro VI/ Stage V engines is fed into the twin-input single output reversing gear, that drives the single propeller shaft. The combined engine power is 1060 Horsepower or 780 kilowatt.

This modular application of multiple small diesel engines yields significant advantages regarding fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs. The fuel saving compared to the previous single main engine is an impressive 25%. The reduction in maintenance costs is caused by a lower total number of running hours.

In line with both engines a PTO is fitted to drive the steering mechanism, while the engines are also coupled to a shaft generator.

We thank Vink diesel for the confidence placed in us, and we wish the Junger family many beautifull and safe voyages.


*TVC: Torsie Vibration Calculation