Successful sea trial of the MTS Valentiono

In the last few weeks the successful sea trial of the MTS Valentiono has taken place. Based on a RensenDriesen Shipbuilding design, this is the first example of the Moneymaker 2.0 type. The fitting out of the vessel was done by De Gerlien van Tiem.

The motor tanker is owned by brothers Peter and Jorico van de Oever (VDO Maritiem). The vessel will predominantly carry minerals for Unibarge Rotterdam. For this vessel, that measures 125 x 11,45 metres, we had the pleasure to supply two Masson W4400 reversing gears. Our colleague Tom Schuurmans was present during the trial to perform final adjustments and to commission the equipment. The reversing gears are located behind the CAT 3508 main engines. The maximum permitted power 864 kW @ 1600 rpm.

Both reversing gears are equipped with a PTO, that drives the steering gear hydraulic pump.Also a towing lubrication pump is mounted, enabling single engine navigation. Both reversing gears are executed with CAT adaptations for pressure and temperature sensors to display these values in the Caterpillar system.

On behalf of ADS van STIGT we want to express our gratitude for this order, but above all the very pleasant cooperation. We wish the owner and crew many happy an safe voyages.

Keerkoppelingen voor de mts Valentino